2017-06-29a - shorterimage

I picked up this Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 50mm f4 for Pentacon Six 120/220 film format at a song since the aperture ring does not work and currently its stuck at its widest aperture of f4. I think there's good possibility of getting that fixed for around $150 if I desire. Or I may try to fix it myself. It appears this is a fairly common problem with these old lenses and there's a pretty good how to disassemble on this lens online.

Anyway, its a big honking chunk of glass that's a moderate wide angle on its native Pentacon Six. However its a normal angle of view 50mm when adapted to a full frame camera. Fortunately I found a P6 adapter to my Sony A7RII about a year ago for another P6 lens I have. And until I may actually fix the aperture issue, its going to be a wide open f4 macro lens for a while.

Here it is adapted to M42 and the M42 adapted onto Sony E mount for my A7RII. As you can see, its a beast, and its a small lens for Pentacon Six!

It's rained most of the day today but in a short break I ventured out and shot these first shots with it. 

f4, 1/320th sec, ISO 100

f4, 1/320th sec, ISO 100

f4, 1/320th sec, ISO 100


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