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These were shot with a Tamron SP CF Macro 35-80mm zoom.

Circa late 1980's I think.

It's fairly sharp from 45mm up through 80mm where it appears to be pretty sharp. Marginally soft at 35mm, getting usable by 40mm. As with most Tamron's I have found, it has a color cast shift towards red amber yellow. I've tried to neutralize that somewhat in post but there's a limited amount you can do without totally countering the original integrity of the image. The first image was shot at around 48mm, f11, 1/80th sec, ISO 100 on the A7RII. Definitely has that old school look even after correction attempts. Mostly due to very non linear matrix of the coatings. I started to say old coatings but I have much more recent Tamron lenses that still have some of these same matrix shifts. So obviously its a Tamron thing!

Untitled photo


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