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Around Jackson, MS

All shots on this page taken with the CANON LENS 50mm 1:1.4 LTM L39 Mount, designed in 1957. Adapted onto a Sony A7RII.

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We spent a long weekend in the Jackson, MS area visiting relatives. Didn't really have much time dedicated to photography but took some shots in between moving from place to place or running errands. Kind of scattershot in being a little of this and a little of that. But the weekend was for family and in between I just snapped a few as they presented themselves.

This is Mississippi!

f8, 1/60th sec, ISO 500

f5.6, 1/250th sec, ISO 400

f4, 1/1000th sec, ISO 400

f2, 1/400th sec, ISO 100

Lunch with my oldest friend on the planet!

His price was he had to sit still long enough for me to snap this.

Shot with the Japanese Summilux on the Sony A7RII.

f8, 1/640th sec, ISO 100

f8, 1/320th sec, ISO 100

f8, 1/160th sec, ISO 100

f8, 1/125th sec, ISO 100

f8, 1/125th sec, ISO 200


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