2017-08-26 - shorterimage


August 21st, 2017, Nashville, Tennessee

All shots were f22 at ISO 100 shot with a Sony A7RII, Tamron 150mm ~ 600mm zoom set to 500mm, focused and taped down. A 2X teleconverter was added for an effective 1000mm focal length on full frame sensor for all shots. I dialed up a lens aperture of f11 but with the 2X Teleconverters loss, the effective aperture was f22. The lens was Canon EF mount, with a Kenko 2X EF extender and a Metabones EF to Sony E mount converter.

Things were happening fast with only 1 minute, 22 seconds of totality at our location in Nashville. Having to take the 100,000 times reduction filter off and then recalculate settings, once I started getting good totality exposures, I just stuck with that for all of them. Then after the exiting Diamond Ring, last image, I had to quickly put the Solar Filter back on. That was kind of a funny moment beacuse my nieces husband was telling me to stop and watch without the camera and I'm sort of yelling back at him that I've got only a second or two to get the solar filter back in place if I wanted to keep a working camera. A little hectic and funny at the same time but it all worked out just fine in the end!

In these images you see a variance of sharpness. Wish I had gotten that better. And while I won't assume I got perfect focus, I think the focus was good enough. I think the middle totality image here shows pretty good focus. The main problem was wind, and a bit of trigger shake too probably from not enough settle time. I decided against using my phone as a remote, which I originally intended. But once I ended up in Nashville and saw the totality time was only 1 minute, 22 seconds, I decided I'd better go with something that guaranteed getting shots off fairly quickly. I love my phone remote. But sometimes it suffers from wifi connection halts and interruptions. And I just didn't want to chance losing and reconnecting wifi. So I went with the camera's built in 2 sec timer with me mechanically pushing the trigger button. Between my mechanical shake and the wind, that's the differences you see in image sharpness here.

First up is a composite of the points of contact with four stage 1 images on the left, three totality images center and four stage 3 images on the right. I guess technically, the final fully revealed Sun on the right would be contact point 4.


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