2017-12-08 - shorterimage

Turning a Russian MIR-1B into a Reverse Globular Lens

It's really simple. But first of course you need the lens. You can snag a MIR-1B on ebay for anywhere between about $25 and $80 depending upon condition.

Once you have the lens, all you need to do is (pic below) remove the fascia ring that holds the front glass element in. Take the front element out. Turn it around 180 and put it back in. Screw the fascia ring back down and you're done. Ready to take some really cool trick pics like the ones I snapped quickly today. Or even better I'm sure!

Note these pics have been cropped a little bit because once you turn the front element around it doesn't quite cover a full frame sensor. With full frame it will give you some darkened corners so I've cropped most of that out.

Sammy surprised me and held still enough to get a snap off. Usually when she see's the camera she goes running for the hills!

With the front element turned around, what it give you is a center area that's fairly normal and sharp. But then as you move outward to the edge it progressively gets more distorted and blurry.

Surprisingly it snowed and actually stuck a good bit today. Came down in big soft flakes so I took a pic of it with the tricked out MIR-1B lens.


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