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And Snow Came Early to Atlanta

I don't think I ever remember snow in Atlanta in the first two weeks of December. Usually a January snow is considered early because if we get snow at all, it's generally mid to late February or even March. The deepest snow I've ever had in my yard was in late March. But this year it changed things up and came early. Guess it's related to the La NiƱa pattern we are in this year.

These were all shot with the Canon Zoom Lens EF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 IS II USM. Looks like Canon's now trying to outdo Tamron for longest lens names!

At 70mm this lens is quite sharp and gets even better up at 135mm which is its optimum. Still very sharp at 200mm and then starts a gentle downward slide but is still acceptably sharp at 250mm. 300mm is quite usable, just noticeably less sharp than all other focal lengths.

Another thing of good note about this lens is it has very little CA. Generally complex tree limb shots like here are just boogers for CA. However this lens shows very little CA. On the last two closer shots of the tree, there was no fringing, just some slight change in blue saturation and density in spots.


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