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Hanimex Praktica

Not so many days back I posted some shots I made at a country store and at Lake Lanier. Those were shot with the A7RII digital with the Topcon RE Topcor 1:1.4 50mm on it. I mentioned at the time that I was also toting along a 35mm film camera and would try to post a few from it as I was trying to shoot them one after the other on the same shots.

Well I got the film back yesterday. Unfortunately as happens when you buy vintage cameras; even though they might say in perfect working order, that's not always exactly the case .. as in this instance. I purchased a Hanimex Praktica on ebay recently where the seller had stated, 'all in good working order'. The price was pretty right, $69, considering it had a very nice looking Meyer-Optik Görlitz Oreston 1.8 50 on it. I'm looking on ebay right now at a Meyer-Optik Görlitz Oreston 1.8 50 in similar condition for $247, so I think I got a pretty sweet deal just for the lens. And I got a clean looking Hanimex Praktica along with it.

Now Praktica's .. Hanimex or otherwise made after the late 50's were always budget run of the mill stuff. But as a kid looking at the cut rate ads in the back of Popular Photography and all it presented a strong pull as a camera I might possibly be able to afford one day soon. Sadly that day never came back then and I never got the purchase pleasure of a Praktica. And now I guess its left a bit of a soft spot with me and I've picked up a little Praktica gear here and there along the way.

Unfortunately while this camera is pretty clean and at face value appears to work acceptably, in practice the shutter speeds beyond 125th sec are dragging. A very common theme for vintage cameras where the faster shutter speeds and generally the slow slow shutter speeds as well drag, producing way over exposed images. And that's what happened here. Being out doors on a bright sunny day, I was mostly shooting at the Praktica's max shutter speed of 1/500th second. So out of a 36 exposure roll of Kodak Portra 160, I only got 9 relatively proper exposures. All others were either unusable from over exposure or the film didn't advance properly causing bars in the images.

Here's the Hanimex Praktica super TL with the Asahi Optical Co. Super-Takumar 1:1.4 50mm on it. This is the setup I used to take the picture below. I used the Takumar because I thought I'd mostly be shooting landscapes and knew the Meyer-Optik Görlitz Oreston would be challenged on landscape detail. So I went with the Tak .. and then the only thing that turned out acceptably was this nice portrait of Sandy. Go figure!

Of all the images that sort of came out, this is the one I like the best ... a portrait of Sandy.

I'll bet it's been over twenty years since I've shot a film portrait!!

f2.8, 1/125th sec, ISO 160

Scanned by Dunwoody Photo who did the film processing

Some post processing by me in Photoshop


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