Shooting Bubbles with Bubbles!

So what's this about and why 'shooting bubbles with bubbles'?

It's rain bubbles on the top of my grill on the patio. Been raining most of the day here but fairly early this morning it was tolerable enough outside for me to get out and shoot a couple of these bubbles on the grill.

The other aspect of 'bubbles' here is I used a lens that I know is prone to producing bubbles when shot into specular highlights.

The lens used here is the Sony FE 2.8/90 Macro G OSS with 26mm of extension tubes attached. So these are extreme Macro shots and they were shot pointing towards the direction the incident sunlight was coming from, albeit the sun was not directly into the lens. 

The first shot here is out of focus playing completely to the bubbles. The second two shots have very thin focal points quickly graduating to out of focus bubbles. Depth of field on those two shots is probably around a half an inch or so.

Thereby .. shooting literal bubbles, rain bubbles, with a lens known to produce bubbles per specular highlights!

f6.3, 1/800th sec, ISO 100

f6.3, 1/800th sec, ISO 100

f6.3, 1/800th sec, ISO 100


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