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Industar 22 1:3.5 f=50mm

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This is a stock photo and not my particular lens. Mine is part of a unique series with a serial number starting with 0 which makes dating it fairly succinct to 1953 or 1954. According to the best source I found (http://www.sovietcams.com/index.php?804100465), this is the only period where Industar 22 serial numbers started with a 0.

The lens is Russian and is a physical copy of a Leica Elmar lens of the 1940's and 1950's. However its not an optical copy of the Elmar. It most closely resembles a Zeiss Tessar made of four elements in three groups.

This lens was designed for the rangefinder cameras of the day and as such the camera bodies not having mirror boxes had enough space that the lens could collapse into the body of the camera for stowage and travel. Today in adapting to a mirrorless digital, you need to be careful as collapsing the lens inward could hit come camera sensors. Fortunately, by the skin of the teeth, it doesn't hit on the A7RII.

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This lens is almost an anachronism on the fairly current A7RII. It looks very out of place and actually pretty weird. On the left the lens is set ready for taking an image. On the right, the lens is collapsed into the body of the housing and camera for compact storage and travel. How cool is that!

f10, 1/400th sec, ISO 100

For a lens made in Russia in 1953 ~ 1954, I'm pretty stunned by this rendering. This holds up very well to most all modern lenses and is superior to many current lenses. Just a beautiful showing for the old lady!


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