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Chattahoochee Mist

Industar 61 1:2.8 f=50mm M42

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The Industar 61 is one of a handful of highly regarded Russian 50mm lenses. Originally produced as Russian copies predominantly of Zeiss lenses and sometimes physically styled to look like Leica lenses. As such many variations started in L39 mounts and graduated to M42 mounts as is this lens here.

The nice thing about that is it gives you not only options of cameras for fitment but also options of different packaging and styling for basically the same optical formula lens.

The shots below are the first couple I've taken with the M42 version of the Industar 61 pictured above. I have a fairly nice copy of the older L39 version that I'm now thinking may be a tad sharper than this newer version. However as I shot both of these two shots below stopped down to f11 .. and it may actually have been more like f12 since the aperture ring is slightly out of calibrations; these shots may be suffering a wee bit from small aperture diffraction. That or this one may fall into the broad category of Russian lenses being of highly variable quality from sample to sample.

However, while I don't feel this is one of the sharper Russian lenses I've picked up, I do like its overall color and contrast, thinks its reasonably sharp just not eye cutting sharp, and think it produces a nice image none the less.

f11, 1/25th sec, ISO 100

f11, 1/25th sec, ISO 100

The last picture was taken with the legendary Olympus 90mm Auto-Macro 1:2 lens. This lens is renowned for its color, contrast and extreme sharpness. It's actually too sharp to be suitable for some types of shots. As in you wouldn't want to photograph your favorite lady with this lens because it would emphasize every pore and flaw severely.

Olympus Zuiko 90mm Auto-Macro 1:2


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