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First .. I'm working on what I hope is a better format for the daily Blog pages. Hopefully a little cleaner look.

Please bear with me through this process!

Also, I'm working on a feature article,. A mostly pictorial but partly technical and editorial review of a very special lens.

In the interim, I'm posting a couple of images I took right at the conclusion of our rain fest we had this past week.

I hope you enjoy the new format for the daily Blog, these pics, and do be looking for my feature article on this special lens when I post it here shortly.

CANON LENS 50mm 1:1.4 No.53785 Canon Camera Co.,Inc. LENS MADE IN JAPAN

That's what the legend on the front face of this very special lens says. This is the lens I'll be doing a feature article on for post here shortly. This shot was made right after the rains of this past week ended and things were just beginning to dry up. f1.4, 1/160th sec, ISO 64 on the Sony A7RII

f8, 1.40th sec, ISO 64 .. with 10 mm extension tube

f8, 1/50th sec, ISO 64 with 10mm extension tube


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