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Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/21mm ZE

Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/21mm ZE

f2.8, 1/60th sec, ISO 100

Since I had some fun shooting macro's with the Zeiss 28mm Distagon a couple days ago, I decided why not pull out the BEAST, the Zeiss 21mm Distagon. I figured if it was challenging enough to shoot macro's at 28mm, then why not up the ante.

So here's the results of some poking around today. To me, this one almost looks translucent. I was actually quite surprised to see the results of this shot. The 21mm Distagon is a contrast monster of a lens and this was not backlit to much degree as I shot it about noon thirty. I expected it to be very thick and contrasty and yet it came out sort of delicate and translucent.

That's just what I was getting at in recent comments about photography. You are constantly amazed at the results you get sometimes despite years of experience.

And in looking at it again in getting it ready to post, it looks like a translucent flower done in watercolor paint!

Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/21mm ZE

f2.8, 1/1000th sec, ISO 100

When I first saw this shot my first reaction was why couldn't I get more depth of focus on the near Marigold. My second thought was at 21mm and f2.8 the front of the lens was actually pressed against the near part of the flower and I was kind of surprised it came out at all. My third thought was I kind of like it the way it is. Things don't always need to be perfectly sharp. It has a good mood I think the way it is.

Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/21mm ZE

f2.8, 1/2500th sec, ISO 100

You should have seen me crawling around on the concrete walk to our front door trying to get low enough to get this shot. I think the neighbors working in their yard thought I had lost my mind. No bother. I like shots like this and they're fun to try and craft.


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