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Yashica ML 1:1.9 50mm

I've had this lens for quite a while but really haven't used it yet. I'm guessing it's a Planar design of Zeiss lineage but probably tweaked by Yashica some. It's smaller than most Zeiss type Planar's which possibly leads to the 1.9 max aperture in lieu of many Planar's that are 1.8 aperture.

Once Zeiss moved production to Japan, Carl Zeiss lenses were produced in the Yashica factory. However it was, this is a nice sharp lens. Also known for a unique bokeh that's a bit busy to swirly.

f1.9, 1/400th sec, ISO 100

Here, with not much pattern or contrast in the background the bokeh is pretty smooth. Foreground detail wide open at f1.9 shows a bit of surrealism with coma playing against this little lenses sharpness and geometric doubling.

f2.4, 1/320th sec, ISO 100

Once again, no detail in the background equals a nice smoothness.

f1.9, 1/500th sec, ISO 100

And here wide open once again with busier detail falling off to the background and closer focus you see good evidence of the opposing dance being done between Coma (object size shift) and this sharp lenses highly collated desire to produce mirror imaging reflections. Quite interesting I think!

f13, 1/200th sec, ISO 100

Some evidence as to the sharpness of this lens .. shot hand held.


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