Untitled photo

Portrait of Sandy

Leica Summicron-R 1:2/50mm

f2.8, 1/125th second at ISO 640

Taken in a restaurant with one incandescent hanging table lamp and a little daylight spill light coming in from windows across the room.

Had the devil with this shot trying to minimize the heavy orange yellow cast from the incandescent light. No matter what I did it just shifted the whole image color off base. Then I remembered the color toning process I learned recently where you can merge tones from another donor image into your new image. 

Here's the original image (below) before merging in color tones from the donor image. And this was even after earlier attempts to balance some of the orange yellow out.

And here's the donor image (below) and tone pallet I used to merge cooler tones into Sandy's portrait image (top image). This image was taken from the Movies in Color website.

So I used this image below which has complimentary tones to the orange yellow and used a modest 30% blend. I knew I didn't want to take all of the incandescent cast out of it because I wanted to keep enough of the base lighting warm look it had. I think the 30% blend from the donor tones worked out pretty well here.


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