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Atlanta History Museum * Swan House * Smith House

Sandy and I went to the Atlanta History Museum, had never been there. Had no idea they had that much property and the Smith and Swan houses. Nice, but I think there's a lot more that they could do with it. Although probably more interesting when its not winter and there are things growing in the garden areas.

We spent so much time at Swan House that we didn't have time to tour the museum. Guess we'll go back for that sometime -- or I'll go back since the museum part is probably not for Sandy. Swan house was pretty interesting, thus most of the pics below are from it. It was the home of the Inman's, one of Atlanta's wealthiest families earlier in the 20th century. The two portraits below are two period players playing the parts of Edward and Emily Inman. I think they came out ok considering how low the light was. Probably less than 20 ft candles on faux Emily Inman and only a little more on faux Edward.


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