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Early March Botanical Bonanza

First three shots are with the el-cheapo  Spiratone Tc 135mm 2.8, zebra lens from the 60's. If you're my gen you remember Spiratone as the budget gear always listed in the back pages of Popular Photography and other popular photog magazines. The Spiratone gear was a real grab bag ranging from total junk to actually some pretty good buys for the money. You just needed to know how to weed through their myriad sales lineup and fish out the few winners. I didn't own this one in the way back but saw it listed on ebay and was drawn to the beautiful retro zebra styling. These are cheap enough that you could choose to own one just for the looks on your collector shelf, but it turns out this little 135mm lens takes pretty nice images as well and because of it's pleasing bokeh turns out to be a very nice macro lens with extension rings added on it. 

All shots below with the Kilfitt Macro Kilar E 1:3.5/4cm .. the first ever 35mm SLR Macro lens, circa 1955. Designed in 1955 in Germany by Heinz Kilfitt and produced in the Kamerabau Anstalt Vaduz works in Liechtenstein. From what I've read this lens was also capable of making infinity for normal shots as well. However I haven't found a way to adapt it yet that will truly make infinity. If shot at f11 it can make acceptable focus at around 50 yards max and I have a couple of longer shots thrown in here to show that. That said this lens is definitely tuned for macro mode and does a pretty good job. Contrast low to medium. Color medium and bokeh that's on the beginning leg of the journey to nervousness.


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