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Sandestin Beach Trip

Shots of our beach trip to Sandestin, Florida. All of these except the first one and the last two were shot with the great little Sony/Carl Zeiss FE 2.8/35mm. The first shot was the venerable Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/21 ZE shot from our hotel balcony and the last two were with the Rodenstock Rodagon 50mm 2.8 enlarger lens adapted to E mount shot in Appalachicola, FL. All the other shots were with the Zeiss 35mm.

All shots were in Sandestin Beach/Destin, FL except for last 10. The last 2 as mentioned in Appalachicola, FL, the 3 prior to those on St George Island, FL and the 5 prior to those at Fort Picken National Park, FL.

The afternoon we arrived the weather was very overcast and a bit windy -- 1st shot. The 2nd and 3rd shots were taken just before sunrise on our first full day there which started out very overcast. As you can see from later shots, the weather cleared up nicely and we had beautiful sun for our entire stay. However the wind was very high, gusting to as much at 35mph on the 2nd day there. Fortunately while still windy, it did calm to mid teen mph's for the other days.


  • Don Sears

    on March 27, 2018

    Great shots Kevin. You have a very artistic eye for such a technical guy.

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