The latest in multi-stage Russian rockets!


Actually its the latest in my new old lenses and a fairly rare find at that. Not that its a really rare low volume item. But all of the zebra lenses are getting harder to find. They were in vogue in the late 50's to early sixties. Made for a few years. Then they disappeared from production.

Was glad to pick up this Jupiter 11 even though I already had the old boring bottle version of the 11.

So what's pictured here is the top stage of the rocket, maybe we'll see that as the capsule though instead. Ok. Then the second booster stage. And below that two primary rocket modules for launch.

In the following pic you can see discretely what each piece is. The Jupiter 11 is not normally a close focus'er. In fact, its near field focus is pretty poor. So it takes all of this mumbo jumbo attached to get decent macro images out of it. Frankly, that just makes for more fun I think!

This shot taken with the Carl Zeiss Sonnar 55mm, f1.8

And here you have the discrete pieces so you can see what's what. Largest piece is the Russian Jupiter-11 135mm lens.

Next to it on the its left is the 42mm to Sony E Mount Helix Adapter.

Then, because even the Helix adapter throw won't get you to a good macro image size, below that you have a 16mm extension ring and a 10mm extension ring.

All of this combined together will get you tight enough to shoot the macro images that follow!

This shot taken with the Carl Zeiss Sonnar 55mm, f1.8

f8, 1/640th sec, ISO 100

Gwinnett Braves CoolRay Stadium, with the Jupiter-11

f8, 1/320th sec, ISO 100

No, I didn't go to the game. But from this pic you can see no one else did either.

I just walked around to the hill that separates the outfield from Hwy 20. Free view from there until you might get run off. No one paid the least attention to me so I snapped this shot, watched a moment and then took my leave.

Untitled photo

f8, 1/1600th sec, ISO 100

Everyone knows I love shooting church steeples. Been doing it for years. This one came out nicely I think considering its simplicity.

f8, 1/80th sec, ISO 100

f8, 1/60th sec, ISO 100

Spared you the Dhalia this time and put it last!

Thoughts on the Russian 'Zebra' Jupiter-11

It's a very sharp lens with good color, low contrast unless completely off axis from the sun and even then not contrasty. Even though its sharp and with good color, it appears to have a fairly low DOM as the overall image is pretty thin. A lttle bit of the milky look that many low DOM lenses seem to have. That can be worked up some as these images here attest .. at least I hope they show that. But, even though sharp, this lens never really pops.

I think my butt ugly 'bottle' version of the Jupiter-11 has better DOM and makes a better image all the way around than the snazzy looking zebra Jupiter-11.


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