Here's the Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-S-C 1:1.4 f=5cm. An historic lens, quite sharp for its day, yet with some aberrations increasingly so towards wide open.

This was the first commercially sold f1.4 aperture lens for 35mm format!

One in good nik will still produce a beautiful image in its own right, even today adapted to a modern digital camera as I've done for some of the images here adapting it to the Sony A7RII.

This lens is an old S mount for Nikon and also Contax since Nikon modeled their mount and other camera aspects on the Contax rangefinder.

We have here the Nikkor lens, a new lens hood not specifically for the Nikkor 1.4 5cm, and a very special custom adapter that allows the lens to be adapted to Sony E/NEX mount.

Here you see the simple mounting flanges and lock tab for the lens. I'd hesitate to call the flanges a bayonet because they are really more like big guide pins than a locking bayonet.

The lens itself does not have any moving elements for focus ability. It relies on the camera mount that it mate to for focus as the camera mount has a built in helix.

And here's the secret sauce that makes this old rangefinder lens work on my Sony A7RII!

The silver part, is a custom made adapter mounted onto a commercially made adapter. The S mount mechanism portion is extracted from an old S mount rangefinder camera. It's then threaded on the rear (bottom here) with L39/LTM compatible threads so it can screw into a standard L39/LTM to Sony E/NEX Mount adapter (the black part on the bottom).

This custom adapter is crafted and sold by 'kosbik84' from Kiev in the Ukraine and sold on ebay. I think he sells them for a very reasonable price. Its the only way possible I know of to be able to use any of the old S Mount Rangefinder lenses on Sony E mount digital camera. Not only did he sell it at a reasonable price, he also threw in an S Mount Russian lens with the deal.It was in surprisingly good  condition too.

And for historical reference, here's the Nikkor 1.4 5cm normally mounted on my very nice Nikon SP Rangefinder camera.

Here are a few pic's I snapped using the Nikkor 1.4 5cm lens adapted onto my Sony A7RII.


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